Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coming Soon!

I have now officially seen all 20 nominated performances before the Oscar ceremony, as today I watched Invictus (which appropriately means "victorious" in Latin). Which of course delights me so. Therefore, expect the following entries (hopefully) tomorrow:
  • Invictus review (meh)
  • Best Actor ballot
  • Best Supporting Actor ballot
  • Best Supporting Actress ballot
All with pictures! And detailed thoughts! Hooray!
I still need to sit down with In The Loop, which I hope to see soon. I'll also be posting my ballots for the technical categories, and hopefully I can watch all of the Animated Short nominees soon (Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Live Action Short and Animated Feature are probably not going to be completed before the ceremony, so educated guesses will be made and updates will appear as I see the nominees).
Until then, my latest non-Oscar-related obsession:http://djearworm.com/united-state-of-pop-2009-blame-it-on-the-pop.htm

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