Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Memento Mori

Have you ever checked out the suggested links at the bottom of the IMDB home page? If you haven't, I strongly recommend doing so, since there's usually some interesting things down there. The other day I stumbled upon this one, which discusses the use and question of memory as featured in Memento.
Not long ago, I re-watched Memento for the first time in years. I forget (no pun intended) how fantastic this movie really is, especially in how it plays with the narrative structure that we are so used to. Instead of being spoon-fed the plot, here is a film that makes you think about what's happening on screen, requiring you to put the pieces together yourself along with Leonard. As Atkinson mentions in the aforementioned article, the film also makes you question memory, and how effective of a device it is in problem-solving.
Leonard (Guy Pearce), the amnesiac with a purpose
Anyway, what do you all think? Is Memento really as deep as I think, or am I (along with several other people) over-thinking it?
PS Leonard's voice-over narrative is perfect. Voice-over has never been better utilized.

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