Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Transformers 3 Loses Another

It was reported today that Megan Fox has been dropped from the upcoming Transformers 3, apparently at the advice of director Michael Bay (Hollywood's leading overstuffed-lowest-common-denominator-action-movie auteur).
Please go away. Or get some real talent.
Of course, Fox already proved that she can't carry a movie on her own, as demonstrated by the box-office failure of Jennifer's Body. So does this mean her movie career is over? Maybe not, since she's mostly known for her looks and that's enough nowadays to have a long career, but one can dream.
Not that I'm looking forward to Transformers 3, but I'm glad Bay decided to drop his jive-talking, racially-insensitive robots. Though I doubt that will make it any better.
PS I, unlike Bay, know where a postscript goes.

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