Monday, July 12, 2010

Battle of the Title Sequences

Watching the Mad Men marathon, I've been blown away by how good the show genuinely is (its not all awards-and-critics-hype). But more on that later. The incredible opening credits got me thinking: what show's opening credits are your favorite?
I do really enjoy Mad Men's title sequence; it graphics and the music perfectly reflect the cool-jazz era that the show is set in, and the silhouette free falling past buildings covered in advertisements is a great symbol of the show's themes. It's a near-perfect sequence.

Mad Men Title Sequence from Caleb Woods on Vimeo.
Of course, I said near-perfect. In my mind, no show has crafted a better title sequence than Dexter. Of course, we know that Dexter is secretly a serial killer, and with that knowledge the show cleverly gives us the most sinister morning routine ever, even though it is completely harmless. It's two minutes of brilliantly dark perfection.
So what's your favorite title sequence. Please discuss in the comments below.


Cody said...

I used to really like NCIS's but after I watched the season DVD's, it got old really quick. All the CSI's have good title sequences, with New York's probably being the best. And I really like House's title sequence.

The Man Behind The Curtain said...

Cody: I too am pretty fond of House's titles too, though I've always been perplexed by why they continue to credit former cast members (such as Jennifer Morrison). You'd think the new guys would get a spot in there. But the sequence is aesthetically well-done, I agree.

CSI does a good title sequence too, and I too like NY's the best, if only because I'm biased toward "Baba O'Riley."

Cody said...

I forgot to mention, if you were talking about comedy shows too. Scrubs had a good opening sequence, I like the music for it. Plus, considering I want to be a doctor I'm a bit biased towards defending just about any medical show.

The Man Behind The Curtain said...

Oh yeah, I was referring to all shows, comedies and dramas.

The Scrubs opener is a nice little slice of what you can expect from the show: whimsical comedy with heart.