Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grammys' New Rule Change

It seems that is reporting that the rules of eligibility for the Best New Artist Grammy have been changed in light of Lady Gaga's omission from the category last year. According to the official statement, artists can now be nominated if they have received any previous nominations for singles or collaborations, provided that they did not win nor release their debut album during the eligibility period for those previous nominations. In other words, the award is even more arbitrary than ever, allowing even more popular acts to be nominated over deserving acts who may not be as popular.
As an aside, why is everyone really that upset over Lady Gaga missing a Best New Artist nomination? Have they not heard of the Best New Artist Curse, in which the winner of this category usually disappears into obscurity afterwards (a few examples notwithstanding)? And besides, she was nominated for Album of the Year, which is a much, much bigger honor than Best New Artist. I personally don't see anything to complain about here.
On the plus side, though, that means Kid Cudi is eligible for this year's prize now. And so far, if anyone deserves it, its him.
What do you think of this rule change? Is it for the better or worse? And was the uproar around the Gaga omission really necessary? Comments welcome, as always.

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