Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creative Arts Emmys 2010

Oops. I meant to have all of the guest acting spots predicted before this, but I missed it. So you know, I pretty much figured in the drama spots John Lithgow would win Guest Actor for Dexter, and Ann-Margret would win Guest Actress because its impossible to lose that category so long as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is next to your name. As for comedy, you can read what I thought here. And if you want to see the full winners, check it out here. A few thoughts:
- I'm kind of disappointed Betty White won Guest Actress in a Comedy. I know she's the woman of the moment and can do no wrong, but I just think there were better choices than her occasionally-hilarious SNL guest spot, i.e. Kristen Chenowith.
- Speaking of K-Chen, I love this picture from the ceremony.
Kathy Griffin Kristin Chenoweth Emmys
Courtesy Kathy Griffin's Twitter feed, @KathyGriffin
- Neil Patrick Harris is finally an Emmy winner, picking up statues for his Glee guest spot and for hosting the Tonys. Good for you, Neil.
- I'm really, really pissed that Michael Giacchino's score for the Lost finale failed to win an Emmy (it went to 24 instead). Justice had better be served next Sunday.
The Primetime Emmys are next Sunday. Are you looking forward the ceremony?

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