Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emmy 2010 Preview: Series

If you've been following the Emmys so far, you know that its rather maddeningly strange this year. But you can read more about that tomorrow. Here's how I think the series will go.
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Modern Family
30 Rock
Nurse Jackie
The Office
This is really a race between the two newcomers and the reigning champ. Nurse Jackie was the surprise nominee, and will need some serious love to win (it made it here mostly on Edie Falco's performance). Curb and The Office don't really stand much of a chance either, since they either aren't as flashy (Curb) or had an off season (Office). 30 Rock had an uneven season, but great selection episodes, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a fourth straight win. And even though Glee was much more buzzy, its inconsistent writing will hurt it. So expect Modern Family, a sophisticated take on the traditional family sitcom, to prevail here tonight.
Breaking Bad
The Good Wife
Mad Men
True Blood
I want to believe that this category will change, but it most likely won't. True Blood was barely recognized anywhere else, so its very, VERY unlikely that it will claim a win here. The Good Wife, Dexter, and Breaking Bad could find themselves victorious, but will probably miss out due to the high quality of all of this year's nominees. Lost could (I'm hoping) cash in on nostalgia and earn a win for its final season, but only one drama in the history of the awards has done such a thing: The Sopranos. I'm betting that Mad Men will continue its perfect winning streak here.
The Pacific
Return to Cranford
It'd be nice to pretend Cranford has a chance here. But it doesn't. This belongs to The Pacific.
Georgia O'Keeffe
The Special Relationship
Temple Grandin
You Don't Know Jack
Take a look at the acting nominations for this category: they're dominated by Temple Grandin and You Don't Know Jack. Not to say that the other movies are necessarily bad, but these two have controlled the Emmy conversation and one of them will emerge victorious. I'm betting on Grandin, which seems to have all the momentum right now.

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