Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Do 2009's Best Actor Nominees Teach Us About Masculinity?

Thanks to Nathaniel R over at The Film Experience Blog for sharing this fantastic link. I have to say I was blown away by Christopher Korbel's analysis of American masculinity in film. It really makes you think: what can we learn from other Oscar nominees? An easy one would be that women are either nurturers or victims, or succeed in men's territory, as evidenced by the Best Actress category. I mean, just take a look (minor spoilers?):
Sandra Bullock (nurturer)
Meryl Streep (doing a "woman's work" in a "man's way")
Gabourey Sidibe (victim in all kinds of ways)
Carey Mulligan (victim of youthful innocence)
Helen Mirren (victim of her husband's social theories)
Go over the past decade, and you'll notice this is a recurring theme (though you don't have to do it yourself, I'm doing it for you). But check out the article, its more than worth checking out.


Simon said...

Interesting. I will look at it.

Jason H. said...

It really is good stuff. I had never thought of it that way.