Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Glee Makes a (Triumphant?) Return

Fresh off of its Emmy loss for Best Comedy Series, Fox is begun airing the promos for season 2 of Glee, which features the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys collaboration "Empire State of Mind." Why that song, you ask? Because New Directions is striving for Nationals in NYC this year, that's why! Fun times to be had by all. You can watch it below.
There is one thing that worries me though, and that's Will Schuster's line about proving that they are "down" because they can do more than showtunes and '80s songs. You see, those are the songs that Glee does best; when newer songs are done they tend to feel karaoke-ish and empty. I really worry that we'll end up with more of Mr. Schu's awkward rapping, which usually comes off as the musical equivalent of this:

You know its true.

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