Sunday, September 5, 2010

One-Week Late Emmys Note

Ok, so I missed most of the Emmy ceremony this year, and only when I got on Hulu today did I get to see the opening Glee number. I love Bruce Springsteen, so that could have been enough, but no, there was so much more. Here it is:

Other things I loved:
- "It is on, bitches." Chris Colfer remains my favorite part of Glee, aside from Sue Sylvester's face-offs with Mr. Schu.
- Jorge Garcia sings! And he's surprisingly nimble.
- Nobody likes Kate Gosselin. Nobody.
- He can be dramatic. He can be funny. He can sing (kind of). He can dance. He can be impossibly handsome. He can be "that guy." Truly, Jon Hamm is a god among men. Those comparisons to George Clooney aren't too far off.

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Kimeh said...

I love the Hamm/White bit, marvelous.