Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trailer Roundup: Oscar 2010 Edition #2

I'm planning on updating my Oscar predictions next week, after Toronto winds down and we have a better idea of who has a legitimate chance at Oscar glory. But until then, here's two trailers from some contenders: one expected, one unusual.
Another year, another Clint Eastwood effort. However, the normally reserved, story-first director is taking an interesting step in a more expansive direction with this story of three people around the world coming to terms with the question of the afterlife. The film's taken a bit of a critical beating at Toronto, making me wonder if it really stands a chance at some awards glory. I'm still looking forward to it (as I do any Eastwood film), but I'm approaching with caution this time.
For Colored Girls
Tyler Perry films usually don't scream Oscar. In fact, depending on your taste, you either find his works to be enjoyable comfort food or borderline minstrel shows. However, this one carries some prestige, as its based on the acclaimed play For Colored Girls Who Consider Suicide When the World is Enuf, by Ntozake Shange. I think its a big mistake to shorten the title to simply "For Colored Girls," as it seems incredibly off-putting to many audiences and limiting. Also, it seems unbelievably depressing; is Lionsgate trying to market this as this year's Precious? The cast is interesting, as well. This one has potential, but I think I'll have to see it to believe it.
So what do you think about these? Yay? Nay? Sound off in the comments.

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