Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Trio of Links

Here's a couple of things I've found interesting. Read and discuss in the comments, and I'm thinking tonight I'll kick off the year 2007 in the Oscars of the Aughts series with the phenomenal supporting actresses.
/Film has a very interesting article about the self-awareness of cinema, and whether that means its doom is imminent. I highly doubt the latter; if the history of cinema has taught us nothing else, its that as long as there can be spectacle, there will be film. I should note that the focus here is mainly on mainstream film, and not independents. So its not really an all-encompassing argument, but its worth checking out anyway.
IFC takes a look at the bizarre success of George Clooney. Its really unfortunate that being successful by making educated, adult-oriented films is considered rare nowadays.
Finally, Nathaniel R at the Film Experience Blog has the confirmed submissions so far for this year's Foreign Language Oscar. Things of note: Iraq is a real contender here (are they even a country of their own anymore? That sort of thing inspires great cinema..), Sweden chose NOT to submit The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (because of release date issues; does this mean Noomi Rapace's Oscar chances are dimmed?), and Thailand has not yet confirmed Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, its Palme d'Or winner. More submissions are soon to come though.


Anonymous said...

If I get it right, TGWTDT and Noomi Rapace are eligible for next year's Oscars, but the movie in the best movie category, not the best foreign movie. And to my understanding that's the way they filled in the applications.

Jason H. said...

That whole system of eligibility is so confusing. I haven't really figured it out, and I don't pretend to be an expert on the guidelines. But its still interesting to note.