Monday, October 25, 2010

Sci-Fi News You've All Been Clamoring For

Yes, I know, I can read your minds. Before I go into the news, though, a little preview of what to expect this week: a review of Never Let Me Go tomorrow, as well as later reviews for Hereafter and, for Halloween, a three-parter examining Aliens, The Exorcist, and Jaws. Then there's a new Gimme Five (for real this time), Oscar of the Aught's 2007 Best Actress category (it's a doozy), and, everyone's favorite, a new Glee recap (the Rocky Horror episode - be pumped/nervous!). Then, for this month's LAMBs in the Director's Chair blogathon, I'll be reviewing one of Alfred Hitchcock's lesser-known earlier films, Jamaica Inn. Get excited!
Moving on. Deadline is reporting that Robert Downey Jr. is exiting Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, about a pair of astronauts stranded in space. This is coming right after Warner Brothers confirmed that Sandra Bullock would be taking on the much-more-substantial lead role in the film, who herself replaced Natalie Portman, who was replacing Angelina Jolie. So it's likely that Downey's departure won't be a huge loss for the film, since it's reported that the role is very minor, but the project itself has been troubled for a long time, so he's likely the least of Cuaron's worries here. What worries me is that Bullock's role requires her to hold the screen by herself for most of the film, something that I'm not entirely sure she can do (though I don't think Portman or Jolie could have done much better); personally, I would have liked to see Jodie Foster take on the role, since she has a real presence on screen and would be fascinating to watch. Still, it's been a long time since Cuaron's made a movie, and it's about time he came back.
Defying Gravity (*womp womp*)
Meanwhile, IESB is reporting on rumors that George Lucas could be planning a new trilogy of Star Wars films, a sequel to the original trilogy rather than disappointing prequels (like Episodes 1, 2, and 3 [note: Revenge of the Sith wasn't half-bad, I admit]). This, Mr. Lucas, is what most people would call overkill. After the prequel trilogy, I can't think of anyone who was begging for more new movies. And really, you've lost your touch. Plus, the whole Star Wars universe is so expansive now are new movies even necessary, what with all the comic books, novels, video games, TV series (animated and the upcoming live-action), and more? And to top it all off, all six Star Wars films are being rereleased in 3D starting in 2012 with The Phantom Menace, the one we all hate/love to hate. So yes, I am hoping that this is indeed untrue, as several inside sources have stated. We really don't need more.
Yep, that's about what I expected.
Oh, and Khan won't be in Star Trek 2. Not that you asked for him.
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Kalli said...

I'm going to be talking about The Exorcist as well. I'm debating with myself whether it's my favorite horror film or not. It's kind of tied with others that I love for very different reasons.

We don't need any more Star Wars! That's like suggesting we need more of Jar Jar. No to both! I like the older ones the way that they are, why would he want to change something great? That's insanity and greed for the money, if you ask me.