Sunday, October 3, 2010

Writing is Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard

I'm having severe writer's block after a long weekend, so I don't really have much to say today. However, this week, look out for new installments of Radio Daze, Gimme Five, Oscars of the Aughts, and a recap of Glee, as well as a review of Let Me In, aka the Let the Right One In remake that everyone was against until they saw it. Until then, enjoy the following:
I wish I could see a lot more foreign language films. Nathaniel R over at The Film Experience is compiling a running list of all of this year's Oscar submissions from around the world for the Foreign Language category. Most of them I want to see, but probably never will.
EDIT: I was looking at the Oscar database in the foreign film statistics (stop judging me) and discovered a fun little bit of trivia you can use to impress your friends. Last year, when Argentina won its second Foreign Language Oscar for The Secret in Their Eyes, it became the first nation outside of Europe to have multiple wins in this category. The multiple winners are:
1. Italy (10)
2. France (9)
3. Spain (4)
4. The Netherlands (3)
4. Sweden (3)
4. USSR (3)
7. Argentina (2)
7. Czechoslovakia (2)
7. Denmark (2)
7. Germany (2)
7. Switzerland (2)
At one a piece there's Algeria, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Czech Republic, West Germany, Hungary, Ivory Coast, Japan, Russia, South Africa, and Taiwan. Not that you needed all of this information, but it's interesting to note that only 23 countries have ever prevailed here (and that 3 of them are now defunct), mostly from Europe. Just some food for thought.
And, for your enjoyment, here is every Liz Lemon flashback from 30 Rock:

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