Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trailer Roundup: 2011 Blockbusters

This week has seen the release of three trailers for some of 2011's most highly-anticipated films, and they're an interesting bunch. Take a look:
Battle: Los Angeles
Initially, I was skeptical about this film. Another alien invasion movie, on the cusp of a slew of them? But the trailer sold me. It looks genuinely exciting, and for once we're not getting the now-standard "but what of the plights of the normal?" approach that every alien invasion movie takes now, but instead its told from the point of view of the soldiers dispatched to Los Angeles to fight the invaders. The effects are terrific, and that hauntingly distorted song that plays over the trailer could not have been a better choice. Of course, the movie could blow it terribly. But for now, I'm excited about it.
Green Lantern
After seeing the success that Marvel has had rolling out its second-string superheroes, DC has decided to give it a try with a Green Lantern movie. Newly-minted Sexiest Man Alive Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan, and Casino Royale director Martin Campbell is behind the camera. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what to make of this. Reynolds doesn't strike me as being right for the role, and his costume is kinda ridiculous. The film seems lighthearted and fun, which is cool, but the heavy, corny "this is my destiny!" dialogue is troublesome. Plus the film seems to rely way too heavily on its special effects. The finished film may prove me wrong, but I was disappointed by this trailer.
Cowboys & Aliens
Stupid super-literal title aside, there's a lot to look forward to with this one. Daniel Craig as the Jason Bourne of the Old West. Harrison Ford in deliciously villainous form. An interesting mix of sci-fi and Westerns that pays homage to both without mocking either. Jon Favreau, director of Iron Man, behind the lens. This one looks good, and though we're not given much in the way of story (though really, the title says it all), its a good trailer that could turn out to be a fresh, thrillingly strange movie.


Castor said...

Looking forward to Battle: Los Angeles. I hope it's realistic and not some bombastic, over-the-top action movie.

The Green Lantern doesn't look too good, especially CGI-wise. I think this aspect will improve over the next trailers though.

Cowboys & Aliens looks very intriguing, great teaser.

Jason H. said...

I feel like with the Green Lantern that there's too much CGI, and its not necessarily inventive or new. I don't feel like there's much imagination behind it.