Monday, January 24, 2011

Razzies Today! Oscars Tomorrow!

The Oscar nominations are tomorrow morning! Are you excited? As you can see, Colin Firth is, but he has reason to be: his film, The King's Speech, has the potential to score the most nominations this year, and Firth, who's won virtually every acting prize out there for his performance as King George VI, will certainly be one of them. I'll be up at 8:30 tomorrow morning watching the live-stream of the announcement, and you should too! The link is here, and later in the evening I'll have a full post of nominations, complete with analyses, thoughts, and who got snubbed.
In the meantime, let's take a minute to remember that 2010 had its fair share of stinkers as well. Luckily, the Golden Raspberry Awards, aka the Razzies, are here to "honor" the year's biggest cinematic offenders. The Last Airbender and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse lead this year with 9 nominations apiece, with Sex and the City 2 and Vampires Suck scoring plenty of nods as well. Here's the full list of the "honorable" nominees:
Worst PictureThe Bounty Hunter The Last Airbender Sex and the City 2 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Vampires Suck
I actually avoided all of these this year, so I'm not going to pass judgement. However, based on the critical eviseration of all of them, I'm going to assume that they are "deserving." I'm willing to bet that The Last Airbender claims this one, since it was pretty much universally derided as a disaster of Hindenburg proportions.
Worst Actor
 Jack Black, Gulliver's Travels Gerard Butler, The Bounty Hunter Ashton Kutcher, Killers and Valentine's Day Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Valentine's Day Robert Pattinson, Remember Me and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Again, I didn't see any of these, but they don't seem like stretches. Ironically, does anyone even remember Remember Me? I didn't until these came out. As for the win, I'm going with Kutcher, since he's such an easy target.
Worst Actress
 Jennifer Aniston, The Bounty Hunter and The Switch Miley Cyrus, The Last Song Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sex and the City 2 Megan Fox, Jonah Hex Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
The cast of Sex and the City 2 really took a hit for that one, didn't they? I don't know if the film was just all-around terrible or if it was just an over-the-top insult given the hard economic times in which it premiered. Still, no kind words. Given their other nominations, I don't think they'll reign victorious; that dubious honor will probably go to Aniston for her clunkers because, really, when was the last time she made a good movie?
Worst Supporting Actor
 Billy Ray Cyrus, The Spy Next Door George Lopez, Marmaduke, The Spy Next Door and Valentine's Day Dev Patel, The Last Airbender Jackson Rathbone, The Last Airbender and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Rob Schneider, Grown Ups
I had completely forgotten about The Spy Next Door as well, and I had no clue that Cyrus was in it. Well, at least the Cyrus family is well-represented again this year (see: Miley, Worst Actress). I also forgot that Patel, who was so good in Slumdog Millionaire, was in Airbender. Working for Shyamalan just isn't what it used to be. Schneider will probably claim this one (like Aniston, when, if ever, was his last good movie?), with Cyrus as a possible spoiler.
Worst Supporting Actress
 Jessica Alba, The Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers, Machete and Valentine's Day Cher, Burlesque Liza Minnelli, Sex and the City 2 Nicola Peltz, The Last Airbender Barbra Streisand, Little Fockers
Its a diva-off! Cher vs. Minnelli vs. Streisand for the win! Actually, I'm hoping against hope that this goes to Alba, less for her performances (if Machete was meant to be bad, does it really count?) and more for her beyond-stupid remarks in Vanity Fair last year about how all the good actors she knows don't use scripts, they just say whatever they want. Idiot.
Worst Eye-Gouging Mis-Use of 3D
 Cats & Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore Clash of the Titans The Last Airbender The Nutcracker in 3-D Saw 3D
Hee. All appropriate, methinks. I'm just glad they've included this category this year, given how many films are making the jump to 3D without much thought or effort being put into it. But no Alice in Wonderland? Missed opportunity. Airbender for the win.
Worst Screen Couple or Ensemble
 Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, The Bounty Hunter Josh Brolin's Face and Megan Fox's Accent, Jonah Hex The Entire Cast of The Last Airbender The Entire Cast of Sex and the City 2 The Entire Cast of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
See what I mean about the SATC girls? They've got a tough life outside the movie, man. I'm betting on Airbender for this one as well, though this could be the one where Eclipse reigns supreme, despite its 9 nominations (I don't think that people hated Eclipse enough for them to hit the film too hard). Also: this is Jonah Hex's only other nomination? I'm genuinely surprised.
Worst Director Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, Vampires Suck Michael Patrick King, Sex and the City 2 M Night Shyamalan, The Last Airbender David Slade, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Sylvester Stallone, The Expendables
Stallone seems a little superfluous, considering its the only nomination this film received; he's just one of their favorites. Shyamalan seems like a probable win, since the rest don't have his kind of reputation.
Worst Screenplay
 M Night Shyamalan, The Last Airbender John Hamburg and Larry Stuckey, Little Fockers Michael Patrick King, Sex and the City 2 Melissa Rosenberg, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, Vampires Suck
Again, this seems like a shoo-in for Shyamalan, though King could pull off the upset.
Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel
 Clash Of The Titans The Last Airbender Sex and the City 2 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Vampires Suck
Another one of my favorite categories, and its ultimately the same as Worst Picture (what does that tell you?), with Clash of the Titans taking the "original" The Bounty Hunter's spot. Again, this is probably Airbender's to lose.
What do guys think? Are they deserving? Excited about tomorrow?

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