Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Update

I apologize for not posting much in the past week. Things have gotten very busy for me lately, and in my spare time I've been watching a lot of this:

and this:

Anyway, I'll hopefully be posting more in the future, including reviews of Dreamgirls, Sucker Punch (well, a kind of review), and a new volume of Radio Daze featuring Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Cee-Lo Green, and the cast of Glee. So stay tuned!


Rachel [ f.g.i. ] said...

I miss Tobias and the whole "Arrested" gang! I would pay top-dollar to see a full-length Bluth feature!

Jason H. said...

I'm actually not terribly excited by the prospect of an Arrested Development movie, and there's two reasons why:

1. The show was cancelled at exactly the right time. It was already losing creative steam during season 3, its final one, and managed to close its run without an embarrassing legacy-killer. What we did end up with is three seasons of television's best comedy in the last decade, and perhaps ever.

2. The show was comic lightening in a bottle, the sort of thing that could only occur at that very moment in the careers of everyone involved. That moment has passed, and I fear that a movie now, 6+ years since the end of the show's run would be a failure and a giant black-mark on the show's mostly-spotless legacy. Plus, notice how none of Mitchell Hurwitz's post-AD projects have never come close to matching the lunacy of AD, even though they've tried.

As much as the idea of reuniting the cast is tantalizing, I just can't see it working. I'd rather stick with the magnificent episodes we already have than have a disaster stain them.