Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Your 2011 Oscar Host

Though Eddie Murphy hasn't necessarily been in peak form lately (Dreamgirls aside), I should be fun to see him basically do stand-up again for the first time in, what, forever? However, with Brett Ratner producing, this really just seems like a ploy to get people to go see Tower Heist, which Ratner directed and Murphy is starring in.

Either way, as long as this doesn't come up, we're good:


Nicole Marley said...

hey thanks for following me, especially as my blog is quite new! I agree that having Eddie Murphy host the Oscars will be a good move for them, he will being some much needed fun to the awards and it will be nice just to see him up on stage again =]

Jason H. said...

Nicole - Thanks for following me as well :) If Eddie can tap into that energy he used to have in the '80s, he should be a blast. Just so long as he doesn't pull a Franco.