Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Series Announcement: 24 @ 24

Tomorrow, I'm turning 24. Normal people would look forward to this as a party, a time to celebrate another year on Earth and enjoy all the possibilities that the next year holds for them. I look at it this way too.

But I'm also a film and television blogger. So of course, years ago, I decided that my 24th year would be the year that I caught up on FOX's famous Kiefer Sutherland-starring counterterrorism action series, 24. It's an obvious idea, I know, and I'm probably not the only 24-year-old who's come up with this idea. But I've intentionally held off on watching the show's eight seasons (and one TV movie) so that I could say I watched 24 at the age of 24.

And you, dear readers, can join me. I'll be blogging about the eight worst days of Jack Bauer's life in a new series, 24 @ 24. I'll be watching roughly four episodes per week, with posts coming either Friday or Saturday covering what's been watched. I'll be going deeper than "was this a good episode?" reviews; I'm asking you to join me in thinking critically about the show and it's place in television history, what marked it as a show for (and of) its time, and whether it still holds that power today.

The first post should be expected at the end of this week. If you want to watch along, the entire series - except for 24: Redemption - is streaming on Netflix, the entire series plus Redemption is streaming on Amazon Prime, and DVD collections - individual seasons and complete series - are available for purchase.


Shane Slater said...

Whoa, what a coincidence. I just finished Season 2 today! I'll watch along when you catch up.

Jason H. said...

We're of the same mind, Shane! Hopefully I'll catch up to you pretty quickly :)