Friday, March 14, 2014

ScarJos in the Mist

I listed Jonathan Glazer's upcoming film Under the Skin as one of my most anticipated of the year, and with less than a month to go before the release date, a slew of new posters for the film have turned up on the Internet. The plot of the film involves Scarlett Johansson playing a people-eating alien prowling Scotland for new prey, though I've been avoiding finding out any other details so that the experience will be fresh and exciting. Below are two of my favorites of the new posters:

I'm glad that Johansson has found happiness and will soon be having a child, but she's finally taking on the kinds of roles that prove her considerable, underrated talents as an actress. Hopefully if she does take a hiatus from acting, she'll continue taking these kinds of challenging roles.

This one is just so spooky: the retina seems to turn into a black hole, continuing infinitely but existing outside of our own reality. Beautifully done.

You almost have to lean in to see Johansson in this one. She's hiding in plain sight, just like her character in the movie (presumably). It's very evocative.

Under the Skin comes out April 4 in the US. Are you excited about it as well?

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